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AFI Intelligent Backup

Next Generation SaaS Backup by AFI

  1. No backup Failures or Data Loss. Immutable backup format
  2. Radically Simple. Easy UI, you choose backup frequency (up to 3 / day)
  3. Next Gen Performance. No impact on workstation, server to server connection
  4. Backup solutions for Google Worspace and Microsoft 365 (and legacy solutions)
  5. Advanced search / recovery options
  6. AI based anti- ransomware checking on all backups
  7. Detailed audit logs



Home Computing

Need help setting up your new laptop, tablet or smartphone?

Do you need a Universal Remote to help drive your Home Theatre

Internet and Security

Don’t risk your data being compromised, allow us to help protect you devices

Are your passwords complex and at least 15 characters long, are you using 2FA, let us help you make your systems more secure

Data Backups

You have thousands of photos or data that is special to you, do you have a secure off site backup?
Options include Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive. 

Web Sites

It can be confusing setting up a web site, things to consider;
Web name, Site Hosting, Site Language, Site backup & Security, Maintenance

We can guide you through each step to get your best outcome

Contact us: 0407-755-932

We take pride in assisting small business and families to optimise hardware and software setup.

Many people feel uncomfortable dealing with large technical support companies and so we bring a personal, friendly approach.

We are located approx. 40km south east of Melbourne.

Jeff Searl

Owner, PCMCS